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7 (RDCMan) that helps you manage multiple remote desktop connections. We have a reasonable number of Windows servers, and from time to time people forget to log off resulting in that dreaded message ‘The terminal server has exceeded the maximum number of allowed connections. 2. x compatible. Reason: Disconnecting a RDP session means "no currently interactive user logged on". May 4, 2017 Description: Session 12 has been disconnected, reason code 5. On the PC that I 5 = NC_SERVER_DISCONNECT - This disconnection was initiated by the PCS gateway. php on line 93 Warning: ini_set() has been disabled for All updates have been applied to both computers and still have the problem with them. Make sure Remote Desktop is able to communicate through your firewall and it is Win7 public accessible. Also, when I'm on the same subnet as the RDS farm RemoteApps and Connect to remote PC (RDP) and RDP through Gateway using MSTSC ver 6. Guest: Ubuntu server 14. Since there is a high indication that this might have been a problem of the graphics card driver or the problem might have been fixed by the time the issue was made I will close this one. 0. Connects to a server on which Remote Desktop Service (RDS) is running. 3000  How to Troubleshoot a Session Connection Error 519 but you are receiving the 519 error code, then this typically means that XTAM was unable to On the remote host, ensure that the RDP port (3389) is open and that you can connect to it. 0 or 7. To modify this setting to enable Remote Desktop API through RPC, you need to find the following registry key: I have checked the RDP log file and I've found a line like "Disconnection reason is 16" in log file. (disconnect reason is 0), eventID 102 (the server has terminated main rdp connection with client). 04 with slimmed down unity desktop (rdp from webpage throws error) Guest drives installed. The server shares the desktop and creates a invitation file,in this case a xml file that can be Hello all! I have an issue with RDM 11. This article summarizes the various causes for Terminal Server Client (Remote Desktop Client) connection failures and how to fix them. when I came across the settings for RDP. Download Remote Desktop Protocol RDP 7. 2404, 0x00000964, The device is in use by an active process and cannot be disconnected. . On the On a broken or timed-out connection, < connect action > the session line, click to clear the inherit user config option. The structure and fields of the MCS Disconnect Provider Ultimatum PDU are specified in section 2. It's a good idea to keep the feature turned off unless you need it. When i use standard rdp encryption it works and only fails when i use TLS1. 1. RDP ClientActiveX is trying to connect to the server (***. Thanks. How to fix remote desktop random disconnects but there should be no reason for me to have 5, 10, 1, 7, etc min sessions. More Information The text is something like "Session 8 has been disconnected, reason code ##. Although Windows Remote Desktop is useful, hackers can exploit it to gain control of your system to install malware or steal personal information. 4. We have a hardworking team of professionals in different areas that can provide you with guaranteed solutions to a blend of your problems. The project consists of a server called sharer and a client called a viewer. Maybe a blip on their internet connection, or a wayward GPO, or incorrect licensing. 0 I believe, upgraded to see if issue was resolved). TERA_DISCONNECT_CAUSE_DEVICE_WEB_MANUAL_ADMIN_DISCONNECT: 0x00000302: PCoIP session terminated due to the user clicking the Disconnect button in the client Administrative Web Interface. Tunnel level reconnect reason code 6: we quickly noticed RDP disconnect before a minute, every time, when going over a VPN For some reason I cannot get an RDP client to connect. Event ID 24 - Remote Desktop Services: Session has disconnected. But you will end again and again on this webpage: What is not wrong J. • If you have Auto Login enabled and you disconnect from the session, Lab The remote computer _IP_ returned I do not have any firewall between client and server. Troubleshoot “Remote desktop disconnected” errors in Windows Server 2008 R2 for listening for and accepting new Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) client Citrix remote disconnect / remote disconnect source it will show source code and reason code in the event viewer with an event id 9032/9030 I believe it shows Connection RDP-Tcp#54 created. To do so, following steps will help you determine this: Well, my understanding was that the Direct Access Users Group is meant simply for non-brokered connections. 1, Extended Reason: Your Remote Desktop Services session has ended. I got XenApp 6. com/en-us/windows-hardware/customize/. Aug 23, 2013 Following is a solution for RDP error: Because of a protocol error detected at the client code 0x1104 this session will be disconnected. Reason: Anyconnect VPN Client was tried to use DTLS in its connection. mRemoteNG adds bug fixes and new features to mRemote. 0 is by far the most common. This server is launching an App-V packaged ASG-Remote Desktop when users logs in to this server. 12 shows up a significant number of times. . You can enhance the security of RD Session Host sessions by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Transport Layer Security (TLS 1. in previous contact ms support had , attempted fix the problem; times if not made note , passed on the developers of w10. The user can go to a computer that another person has that can use RemoteApp from and log onto it as themselves and use RemoteApp with no problems, so this appears to be an individual machine issue and not a lilcensing/server issue. Not applicable for soft clients. e. Both methods are equivalent. This is the implementation of COM interfaces related to RDP (Remote desktop protocol). I have been using phpvirtualbox to manage my VMs. x. After Windows 10 Upgrade RDP Keeps Disconnecting? Hi, I upgraded to Windows 10 on my home PC and now every time I connect to this PC from another PC I can use it for a bit and then all of a sudden it disconnects and when I try to log back in it then doesn't connect anymore. • Logout RDP Session. ISDN service groups set the field to 31 (NORMAL UNSPECIFIED). 7 Python Function Examples with Parameters, Return and Data Types - Functions are code snippets in a block that is assigned a name. 5 and 11 are pretty rare. 0, No error. See error code 6 for a description of IMP. However, RDP does not provide authentication to verify the identity of an RD Session Host server. Page 1 of 2 - RDP COM server & client - posted in Source Codes: Ive decided to post the code me and my friend worked on for some time now. Going through the logs i found this error message an error response [ERROR- CODE=AGENT_ERR_LOGOFF_IN_PROGRESS] using microsoft remote desktop and also got disconnected for a couple of seconds session allocated at February 4, 2019 9:39:13 AM FJT, disconnected for 0 mins 4 secs. Download Remote Desktop Client RDC 7. “Session <X> has been disconnected, reason code <Z> (Occurs when a user formally initiates an RDP disconnect, for Error/problem connecting (Windows 10 RDP into XRDP) I see 0 lag, 0 blurring. This document describes how to interpret the call disconnect reason codes reported by Cisco NextPort universal digital signal processor (DSP) modules. If the server accessible with RPC (basically, if you can access a shared folder on it), you could free some memory and thus let the RDP service work properly. 04 VirtualBox 5. I hava also another Java application, which is working btw. You disconnected a RDP session (that was used to connect to the DCOM server machine) without logging off. Hi ID 40 with reason code 0 and sometimes with reason code 5 but not all the time. For some reason I now have to run it with elevated privileges to make connections to any machine that is running terminal services. 1 laptop, Win 7 desktop) and all work. I have seen this many times before when I first implemented View 4. Fortunately, there is way to reset RDP connection remotely from command prompt. edu) What would be the best way to send you the full log? (if you need it) Device disconnection Reason Code 1 and 4 - what do these mean? If I look at the Event Log in the Infinity 2 HH3, I can see devices that leave the network due to Reason Code 1 or Reason Code 4. 14 phpVirtualBox 5. After manually change the height and width of the RDP window, the issue couldn't be reproduced on Pro, so I believe it is an issue of resolution. Does anybody know what these reason codes mean? RDS server client disconnect code. theproblems arise FIX - RDP Session Disconnecting Randomly We had an issue where domain users would lose their RDP connections randomly. When GSX software receives this code, the Call Disconnect Reason field of STOP or ATTEMPT Call Data Record (CDR) is set to received code of 14 by ISUP and H. The current version of mRemoteNG has no problem opening 20+ RDP connections at once. It is because in Windows XP SP2, it is not allowed to operate on terminal service (Remote Desktop) through RPC by default. dll file modification is to use RDP Wrapper Library project. In Windows servers, only two remote desktop sessions allowed with administrative access. RDP Logoff Access Denied. I broke RDP. Remote Desktop Services (RDS), known as Terminal Services in Windows Server 2008 and In this arrangement, Citrix has access to key source code for the Windows platform, console session (Session 0, keyboard, mouse and character mode UI only). In our SOE, Remote Desktop is disabled by default and by design we only want to enable it for machine that are joined to the domain and receiving our Computer policies. It’s similar to Windows Servers’ built-in MMC Remote Desktop Snap-in but more flexible. On this page . Problem: How to reset/kill Remote Desktop Connection(RDP) remotely Yyou probably have ran into message “The terminal server has exceeded the maximum number of allowed connections”. Windows Security Log Event ID 4779. 0, 0x00000000, The operation completed successfully. Sweet! Windows firewall likes to block ridiculous things for no reason This interface was added for RDP clients (version 5. The alternative to termsrv. Error/problem connecting (Windows 10 RDP into XRDP) I see 0 lag, 0 blurring. CRdrPnpManager::OnRemoteDisconnect : 2. RemoteDesktopServices-Rdp Server 2012R2 RDP sessions disconnect at periodic intervals. The session connects and I can see the desktop for a second of two, perhaps make a couple clicks, then it gets disconnected. Operating Systems: Windows 2008 R2 and 7 for Remote Desktop/Terminal Server sessions this field is in the format of RDP-Tcp#0 ; OSA-Express uses the discard reason codes from 1 to 4095 (see the OSA network traffic analyzer (OSAENTA) discard codes information in zEnterprise System and System z10 OSA-Express Customer's Guide and Reference for more information about OSA discard reason codes), and TCP/IP uses the discard codes from 4096 to 20479. Windows server 2012 (rdp from webpage works) guest drives installed Since Citrix has hooked into Remote Desktop Service it is informed immediately when new Winstations are created (which happens for both RDP and ICA). The build incorporated a new release of FreeRDP and the HP Velocity software  Nov 3, 2017 Here are tips on dealing with Remote Desktop Services disconnects problems. Warning: ini_set() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/soulhimachali/public_html/jhwd/imgc. The connection goes through a proxy which just relays the packet to the other side. ’: Host: Ubuntu server 14. 2. Windows This article is going to cover the other side of Windows RDP-Related Event Logs: Identification, Tracking, and Investigation and RDP Event Log Forensics. The broken connection event source was 0 and event reason was 0. You will see the “Your remote desktop session has ended” message, and the Remote Desktop client will close. Jul 29, 2019 Logoff Access Denied Error or "Unable to enumerate remote sessions" RPC gets nca_s_fault_access_denied (0×00000005) as error code. It has some really cool features and supports Windows 8. You can see it in the Windows Task Manager on the Users tab, in the Session column. In the case of a user-initiated server-side hi,since latest update w10 build 10041, ie 11 not allow url assigned app. Citrix is kind enough to keep track of all sessions in the HKLM\SOFTWARE\Citrix\Ica\Sessions key, regardless of the protocol used. 0) for server authentication and to encrypt RD Session Host communications. RDP to W10 disconnected after a few seconds After the upgrade, I can't RDP into either one of them. Unless you have a major reason that you NEED RDP instead of VNC, I strongly This means the remote RPC component failed to execute the requested operation. Jan 31, 2018 When connecting to a remote server via RDP that requires Network Level Authentication, I get-- RDP disconnected! million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Surface 2 RDP to a different VM (Windows 2012 R2 VM (Also from Gallery)) works fine. Only RemoteApps and MSTSC using Gateway work. Hi, We have a problem on Windows XP 64 bit virtual machines with SCCM remote client. I then tried to connect to the server using Remote Desktop on the local 103 ( disconnect reason is 12), eventID 103 (disconnect reason is 0),  Apr 16, 2018 4/9/2018 8:49:40 PM Remote Desktop Services: Session logoff succeeded: 4/9 /2018 8:49:41 PM Session 4 has been disconnected, reason code 11 [0] https:// docs. cs:143) which we currently hardcode to 0 . In the case of a user-initiated client-side disconnection (section 1. There are situations, you can't connect to the server via remote desktop because of two sessions already active. ) and I am still running into the issue. In that case, you’ll need to find out what else may be using the port assigned to RDP (i. Disable DTLS or reduce MTU to 1200 stop the session disconnect and reconnect problem. The following table shows possible values for this parameter. ) 7 = NC_CONNECT_TIMEOUT - The client timed out when trying to connect to the PCS gateway. When I disconnect from RDP then attempt to reconnect from the Horizon I wonder if the agent should either time out disconnected session, or at least I have a license code for Registry: find "forceguest" item in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa, and set it to 0. The disconnects are random throughout the day and it's not everyone getting kicked off simultaneously, instead it's random users. 3. server entry fDenyTSConnections from 1 to 0, forcing it to always Cannot connect with Remote Desktop Win Server 2012 r2. The server accepted a new TCP connection from client x. 1 and later). I am working on Appsharing in Lync-2013. (Check routing and/or proxy settings. to the Windows video subsystem, the error code will indicate the issue. When users get disconnected from a Remote Desktop Server, the cause can be a hundred different things. In other words, RDP sessions are stored in the Ica sessions key The RDP window resolution on Pro is always set as 1371*771, while on RT it is 1366*768. RDP ClientActiveX has been disconnected (Reason= 8455) The multi-transport connection has been disconneted. <Reason>5</Reason> </EventXML> </UserData> </Event> The short hand are "Session XX has been disconnected, reason code 5" and "Session XX has been disconnected, reason code 0" I have already removed all "advanced" features form the NIC's on the host server (offloading, etc. The server belongs to a Workgroup, from another server I'm able to access the server and made a batch file to restart the server, but unsuccessful This trick I learned from my one of ex-college. 3 all WORK. Techyv is one of the leading solution providers covering different aspects of Computers and Information Technology. 0-5 -/- VirtualBox 5. NextPort is the next generation DSP used by Cisco to implement either voice,data,or fax on a given port. Please see parent article Remote Desktop Services RDS Logon Connectivity Overview for additional information. 1 and Windows Server 2012 R2. Click Disconnect on On a broken or timed-out connection, < connect action > the session, and then click OK. Can't figure out how to fix it. 0, published desktop farm (provisioned) with about 30 users per server. 7 (aka RDCMan). My ICE-Check gets completed successfully and I get the ACK for re-invite response but after about 35-40 seconds, connection get terminated receiving a BYE message indicating the reason "Appsharing session disconnected due to RDP stack closed the connection". Does anyone know what are the exact meaning of these reason codes? When I use IP address, mRemoteNG pops up the same dialog, where I can select Yes to continue and get a successful connection. This seems like a bug - since I can connect via mstsc by name, I suspect I should also be able to do that in mRemoteNG. [1] ClientConnectionFailure [6] Ticketing A failure occurred during ticketing, indicating that the client If you are RDP’ing to a machine and you see: The system administrator has limited the computers you can log on with. See 4624 for explanation of these codes. + Product Codes. There is no good explanation about disconnect reason is 16 but I understand that it is related with Graphic Card's memory optimization so I have updated graphic card driver on my system then connection issues have been solved. Remotely logoff remote desktop / terminal services users By Shaun Ewing · July 12, 2009 · 2 mins read . The server closed the connection; 6 = NC_CONNECT_FAILED - Could not connect to the PCS gateway. This article describes how to configure a Session Idle Limit and a Disconnected Session Limit for XenApp. Reason code is always '5' - of which I can find no other information on. and set it to 0. How to set time limit for disconnected sessions Windows Server 2012R2 By default, Remote Desktop Services allows users to disconnect from a remote session without logging off the server and ending the session. You may want to check the windows firewall settings on the server you are trying to RDP into. A few days ago credentials for a group of our sessions were expiring, so I updated the credentials on the servers, and updated the record in RDM. The event with the EventID 4778 in Windows -> Security log (A session was (b) Disconnect code 14 (DISCONNECT NUMBER PORTED) is a non-standard code for all Sonus service groups. 0x00000001. (Occurs when a user formally initiates an RDP disconnect, for example via the Windows Start Menu  Jul 4, 2019 You can check the RDP connection logs using Windows Event Viewer Get- EventLog security -after (Get-date -hour 0 -minute 0 -second 0) | ? Here you must view the disconnection reason code in the event description. during similar exchange support person said there lot of bugs on machine virus or malaware , wanted me sign , pay $150 1 year or $300 3 years 'attach me server' , keep machine clean. php on line 93 Warning: ini_set() has been disabled for One windows server 2012 R2 with terminal server installed, TerminalServer-1. the problem is the language Microsoft has used in their LOG ON TO button in Active Directory Users and Computers. I was previously using VB 4. Remote Desktop Terminal Services Server Errors 0xc000018 0x80090304 23317 / 26247); RDP in CE6 doesn't show the reconnect message immediately after disconnection ( SPR 21371 ) If you recently configured Remote Desktop Licensing or receive the error: “Because of a security error, the . 2 and all was fine until I came to add another VM and I couldn't connect to it via RDP. Attempted Resolution: Connected to the same VM via RDP from other devices, (iPad 2, Win 8. If this option is set to 1, remote logging in user will be impersonated as Guest account (and if Guest account is disabled, login fails). Testing should verify the following on both 2008 R2 and 2012 R2: * Informative and correct log messages for the most common disconnect reasons * Code looks good for disconnect reason cases not triggered manually Also verify the following using any Windows server platform: * File names including for example Russian or Swedish characters work as Ponder The Bits Musings and confusings. The session never connects using PCoIP. Recently we came across a nasty issue when remotely connecting to Windows Server 2008 R2 machines via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). to turn on the RemoteFX role service under the Remote Desktop Services role and to add the RemoteFX 3-D Video Adapter to your Windows 7 VM, but how, exactly, can you tell if you've connected via RemoteFX or plain old RDP? It's not as simple as Aero Glass or no Aero Glass, but if you know where to look, it can be pretty obvious. 5, then 4. Event ID 40 - Session x has been disconnected, reason code - usually 0. Terminal server logs show a disconnect reason code 0, which points to a network communication issue of some sort. exe), using Java. It allows you to view all of your remote connections in a simple yet powerful tabbed interface. Disconnect reason. Remote Desktop Connection Manager. 6 when I did not have the correct Firewall ports added to my VDI rule base. In this case, these servers were actually Domain Controllers mRemoteNG is a fork of mRemote: an open source, tabbed, multi-protocol, remote connections manager. Last week Microsoft released Remote Desktop Connection Manager version 2. Code, Reason. Host: Ubuntu server 14. 1), the reason code set by the client MUST be rn-user-requested (3). It's an anayltics software(. The disconnection was initiated by an administrative tool on the server in another session. pExtendedDisconnectReason [out, retval] Pointer to a code specifying the reason why the client disconnected. This article contains most of the current Remote Desktop Client disconnect codes and reasons. It works on Windows 7, and server version from 2003 and up. Am I missing something ? RDP ClientActiveX has been disconnected (Reason= 3334) The multi-transport connection has been disconneted. Windows 2008 and Windows 7 both now have incoming and outgoing firewalls and you need to add an exception for RDP. It's not Disconnect Event ID, followed by a Reconnect Event ID about 10 seconds later for the same user name (Event IDs below) The disconnect / reconnect can also be seen in the Event ID logs on a Remote Desktop Gateway server ; TCPIP keep alive does NOT need to be configured for the RDP keep alive to work I have found out how to make it work still don't know why it broke! This is on a Windows 7 box and it has worked fine for 6 months now. mRemoteNG supports the following protocols: RDP (Remote Desktop/Terminal Server) Session has been disconnected reason code 0 keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this website Warning: ini_set() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/soulhimachali/public_html/jhwd/imgc. where RDP-Tcp#NNN is the ID of your current Remote Desktop session, for example, RDP-Tcp#0. This can occur, for example, if you use RDP to connect to a computer running Mobility with user credentials that do  Jul 16, 2019 What is the meaning of Microsoft error codes? error codes. Dec 3, 2011 Note: All Windows Event Log monitors should return zero values. This software serves as a layer between SCM (Service Control Manager) and Terminal Services and allows not only to enable the support of several simultaneous RDP sessions, but also to enable the support of RDP Host on Windows 10 Home editions. 12. HRESULT get_ExtendedDisconnectReason(ExtendedDisconnectReasonCode* pExtendedDisconnectReason); Parameters. " I see four reason codes: 0, 5, 11, and 12. In previous versions of XenApp, configuring the Idle and Disconnected session limits was done either from the ICA listener, or through Microsoft Remote Desktop Services group policies. Free Security Log Resources by Randy . It gives me the infamous black screen for 5 or so seconds and timeout. 443 in my example) on your server. Server 2012 R2 RDS sessions keep disconnecting. [0] … [rdrpnpLib] the disconnect reason code in decimal from client side rds trace")] [string] $  Feb 20, 2018 Description: “Session <X> has been disconnected, reason code <Z>” 0 – “No additional information is available. When it detected that DTLS is not successful, it switch to TLS which cause a session reset. Task Scheduler · Error Reporting · Wireless Zero Configuration. Both (a) & (b) are similar with respect to interactive user logon. Windows server 2012 (works) guest drives installed I connect to my work PC via VPN/RDP and I would like to find a log file on my work PC that would include some information on when I used it last, from where my connection originated and how long it PCoIP session terminated due to the user clicking the zero client’s Disconnect button. microsoft. RDP Wrapper Library. The VDA on the Server OS by default won't allow non-administrative users to connect via a non-brokered connection unless the user is a member of that group. Example of Presumed Tool Use During an Attack This tool is used to view files on the connected host and collect information for connecting to other hosts, so that the compromised device is used as a stepping stone. Hello ndelacova, Please try the following to see if this works for you: Allow remote connections to the computer you want to access. (The handshake etc c In the Terminal Server Connection Configuration tool, double-click rdp-tcp, and then click Advanced. It takes input, performs computation or an action and returns the output. A broken connection event has occurred on Session Id 8. A cohesive and comprehensive walk-through of the most common and empirically useful RDP-related Windows Event Log Sources and ID's, grouped by stage of occurrence (Connection, Authentication, Logon, Disconnect/Reconnect, Logoff). 4634: An account was logged off. I also tried to RDP via command line with /console switch, but unsucessful. If this option is set to 1, remote logging in user will be impersonated as Guest account 1 7 ms 3 ms 3 ms 10. If you’re running your RDP server on a non-standard port (such as port 443-https), then it’s possible some other app is fighting over the very same port. The following windows native commands can be used: To get the list of memory consuming tasks: tasklist /S <remote_server> /V /FI "MEMUSAGE gt 10000" To kill a task by its name: reason code 5 (The client’s connection was replaced by another connection) means that a user has reconnected to the previous RDP session; reason code 11 (User activity has initiated the disconnect) means that a user has clicked the Disconnect button in the start menu. The users then try and launch an RDP session inside ASG-RD to TerminalServer-2. Now I can ping the server, but can't RDP to it. After sending a 2008 R2 (32 and 64-bit). Unless you have a major reason that you NEED RDP instead of VNC, I strongly I was connected to a Win2k3 server via RDP and restarted it. Description of the Remote Desktop Connection 7. Microsoft itself also offers a manager tool called Remote Desktop Connection Manager 2. Specifically, errors such as “Unable to RDP,” “Remote Desktop Disconnected,” or “Unable to Connect to Remote Desktop (Terminal server)” are common problems that we have seen come up in product support. This is by design due to new session management features of Windows Vista and above OS's. Both of these document the events that occur when viewing logs from the server side. Reference: 3 Category Reason Issue Action down for more than 30 days. Problem Description. 323 service handlers. The DomainName was -domain- and the UserName was -user- . The ClientName was -client- and the ClientAddress was -IP- . x:xxxx. Remote sites have ASAs and the DC is a Sonicwall NSA 2600. When accessing on other side of FW. AuthenticationLevel (RdpProtocol. 04 with slimmed down unity desktop (throws error) Guest drives installed. Surface 2 versions are up-to-date. 0 (was running 11. When user approved the request, PCoIP session will close. I have published a Remote App (Windows Server 2016) via Remote Desktop Services. If you are RDP’ing to a machine and you see: The system administrator has limited the computers you can log on with. 0 client update for Remote Desktop Services (RDS) for Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1, and Windows Vista SP2 b. Set it to 0 enables user logging in as themselves. 4. Event Xml Version >0</ Version > MSDN RDP PDU Error Info PDU Codes  From what we can see, reason code 0 is network related. I've seen this plenty of times on 2003 servers, for some reason after a reboot the RDP service is not responding correctly even though it's running and another reboot will solve it not the kind of solution one would want to hear though ^^ <Reason>5</Reason> </EventXML> </UserData> </Event> The short hand are "Session XX has been disconnected, reason code 5" and "Session XX has been disconnected, reason code 0" I have already removed all "advanced" features form the NIC's on the host server (offloading, etc. rdp disconnect reason code 0

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