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  • 05 Nov

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Picture 1: A drawing exploring line, texture, form, pattern and layering. Made as part of preliminary research for Metropolis, a project which preceded the Urban Pod project. The project intended to creatively make use of existing space in towns and cities, by providing a place for calm reflection away from the busy urban environment.

Picture 2: Drawing exploring form and pattern. One of a series of observational drawings produced at the start of the Metropolis project. These drawings informed the shapes and three-dimensional structures that I went on to develop.

Picture 3: During the Metropolis project I created a range of forms and the beginning of a prototype for a pod, shown above. I researched and explored material choices for outdoor use and illustrated some keys forms to show how and where they would be used. The context of the work was product innovation, with a focus on textiles as architecture. Throughout the project usability and functionality was considered. This was then developed further during the Urban Pod project.

Picture 4: Prototype for a textile space, using a salvaged bicycle wheel, recycled sail, cotton jersey, brass eyelets and cord.