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The supported path for deployment in Terraform is to first import the virtual machine into a template that has not been powered on, and then clone from that jonmosco / packer-vsphere-template. I created a VM for Debian 9 using packer+vsphere-iso, the VM install works fine. Packer also requires VNC to issue boot commands during a build, which may be disabled on some remote VMware Hypervisors. 0 which With packer I can script up the creation of a template linux box and upload to my vsphere cloud instance as a vmware box. vSphere KVM - VM Templates 2 minute read It has been a minute since I had done any KVM based VMs so I wanted to share some little tidbits on creating your KVM templates. In maximizing your Dynamic vSphere Inventory • Any script that can output JSON can be used to generate dynamic inventory • Use pysphere (python) or rbvmomi (ruby) to communicate with vSphere/vCenter • Organize your VMs by folder or resource pool to translate in to group 19. - 1. 13 and provider. cores. 11. packerlicious - a python wrapper for hashicorp packer templates. vSphere & ESXi. 04 LTS cloud image for cloning on VMware Setting up K8s and the vSphere Cloud Provider using kubeadm Using the vSphere Cloud Provider […] The un-official VMware Reddit. 5 image. vsphere-iso builder creates new VMs from scratch. 0; jq 1. ini Hi Carl, were seeing an issue with our new windows 10 1809 os layer and windows store apps. Clone a Virtual Machine in the vSphere Client Optionally, you can customize the guest operating system of the clone to change the virtual machine name, network settings, and other properties. More and more data is generated every day, and the same is true for “virtual” content, such as VM templates, vApps, ISO images, and scripts. Once Packer detects that WinRM is up and running, it knows that the build stage is complete and moves on to the provisioners component. vsphere-clone builder clones VMs from existing templates. what I am trying out now is using packer to create a virtual machine with my own user, (not vagrant), installing a public key during the vm installation, and then supplying a corresponding private key so that vagrant up know where to ssh. This a plugin for HashiCorp Packer. full course Creating an Ubuntu 18. In this design the goal is connect a web instance (Apache) running in AWS to a database instance (Mariadb) running locally in a vSphere environment. Again to access roles, navigate to Administration from the This guide will show you how to create a Packer configuration file to create your own OpenStack image. Getting Packer and vSphere Provisioner Installed Building Templates Manually is Boring AF. 5 and now you have a possibility to build a custom image within the vSphere Web Client as the new GUI allows you to do that. One of the first things I did in WSL was run a syscall fuzzer. 9. It also reads the guest ID so that can be supplied as well. I’ve have always wanted to check out what this whole “Infrastructure as Code” hype is all about and I have heard quite the buzz about Terraform being one of the solution that can help achieve this. I just remove the persisted value in my packer build, so the Vagrant boxes can  Name of VM to be cloned. In order for this to work I need to send vCenter credentials into Jenkins command line as well as the Packer script. As you can see, the vsphere-clone and vsphere. A (Re)-Introduction to the Terraform vSphere Provider. x provides three ways for guests to perform network I/O: device emulation, para-virtualization and DirectPath I/O. tf file extension. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages. Update: 01/07/2017 - CentOS added. vSphere Hypervisor is a bare-metal hypervisor that virtualizes servers; allowing you to consolidate your applications while saving time and money managing your IT infrastructure. After installation, reboot the server. When you create a directory for your project Terraform will process all files that have a . git A VM is created in VirtualBox with the specified hardware settings. Download the file for your platform. The Packer vSphere post-processor takes an artifact from the VMware datacenter (string) - The name of the datacenter within vSphere to add the VM to. It uses native vSphere API, and creates virtual machines remotely. Packer is a great tool that allows automated provisioning. Navigate to the "Home" tab in the VMware vSphere 6 Web Client and click the "Content Libraries" icon under Inventories, as shown in Figure 1. The vSphere host (running ESX or ESXi) is only involved in virtualizing interrupts of the network device. Deep Dive: Using Packer and Ansible to create a golden VMware image for Docker Enterprise - part 1 11 minute read Background. Clone via HTTPS Clone with Git or checkout with SVN using the repository’s web address. VagrantのBox作成 を手動ではなくて自動で作りたいと思って調べると Packer という Vagrant の作者によって作られている仮想マシンのイメージを作成するツールがありました。 Once this is done, you create a new VM in vSphere, giving it the name of your soon-to-be-new image, and let it boot up. Starting with vSphere 6, VMware is introducing Content Libraries, a solution to this problem albeit one that can be improved upon for reasons I’ll soon explain. The vSphere Web Client prompts you to enter a name after the cloning or deployment is complete. This is required for MDT to work 100% Zero Touch. x Essentials that is part of the Essentials kits. Core Packer Concepts Builder • Responsible for creation of VM . Packer first checks the packer_cache folder to see if the ISO specified in ISO URL has already been downloaded. Luckily I was already passing variables into the Packer script via this method so I could utilize those same Since we run our own VMware based infrastructure, we have to create VMs from scratch. Packer Builder for VMware vSphere. INFO: Packer deps are managed by godep. There are many awesome features with Packer, but my favourite is the ability to create a single source configuration that can create identical images for multiple platforms. I suspect everyone knows how to deploy from this new template but remember that any passwords put into the customization script should be done using the vSphere Client and not the vSphere Web Client (this is a bug and I am sure it will fixed. Virtualization products from VMware such as VMware vSphere / VMware ESXi, VMware Workstation and VMware Fusion have built-in support for closing virtual machine, where user can right click on a VM and clone it right away. Use Rufus to make a bootable USB key from the ESXI image. We also have the latest app layering tools on the image, were running 19. Created Sep 21, 2017. Like most tooling around the “Infrastructure-as-Code” mindset, internally I categorize these rather as “Infrastructure The Packer Way. exe 34. macos 34. One of the cool features you can expect is an up-to-date operating system with all the pre-installed packages/software ready to be used. Packer plugin for remote builds on VMware vSphere. The vsphere template is configured with a static ip too. When the template gets cloned it configures the VM for DHCP. More detailed documentation is available from Microsoft: Creating and Uploading a Virtual Hard Disk that Contains the Windows Server Operating System and How to Upload a VHD to Windows Azure. These objectives require a new way of thinking about IT management - one that allows operations to deliver on the demands of business. In part 1 of my series on Declarative Docker Enterprise, I describe how we used Packer to create a golden image for the VMs that will later make up our Docker Enterprise cluster. Dec 11, 2017 | Chris Marchesi. 2 MB packer-builder-vsphere-clone. You can export both . ↩ (minor pet peeve alert!) The JSON choice is unfortunate. Setting up Packer. Creating Dummy Box File. This is a template outline I have used several times and am very happy with it. First, let’s install a few pre-req packages: How to clone or copy a VM on free ESXi 6. Or, you would use packer to create a new box file. Kubernetes on vSphere Build up a Kubernetes cluster on VMware infrastructure from OS image deployment, Kubeadm use, cluster bootstrapping, vSphere Cloud Provider integration, and example app deployment. The open-vm-tools package is installed and is recognised by vSphere. Its most relevant purpose is for finding the UUID of a template to be used as the source for cloning into a new vsphere_virtual_machine resource. Pick a unique MAC Address that’s going to be used by this VM. If you haven't heard about Packer, it is a tool for building up and packing artifacts, mostly VMs (or containers) that can be delivered to a cloud provider. When the process is complete it will shut back down again, and that virtual machine is now a pristine image that you can clone from. packer-builder-vsphere-clone. using Terraform to create EC2 instance terraform aws,terraform basics,terraform,terraform edureka,terraform modules,terraform jenkins pipeline,terraform vmwa Figure 7: vSphere Permissions conceptual block diagram Create/Clone/Edit vCenter Server Roles. Building Virtual Machines with Packer on ESXi 6. CloudStack Day – Austin 2015 Clone VMs to CloudStack templates without downtime Simplifying Template Management Using Packer atlas-upload-cli; consul; consul-aws; consul-esm; consul-k8s; consul-replicate; consul-template; docker-base; docker-basetool; envconsul; nomad; nomad-driver-lxc; otto So to summarize: Packer already does exactly what I need, if I'm doing both "builders" and "post-processors" in a single Packer manifest. A virtual  Nov 27, 2018 Red Hat | IBM deal officially closes. The normal Packer flow is to build up a VM from an ISO file with vmware player or workstation under the hood, run some Today at Red Hat Summit, VMware and Red Hat announced mutual support for OpenShift 3. 7U1 . Requirements You'll need an OVH Public Cloud OpenStack project and a terminal. vSphere: timeout waiting for clone to complete Why not just create the Template pre configured, as you already know what its purpose is and With Packer, which is Clone my Github repo and cd to terraform; Automate Windows VM Creation and Configuration in vSphere Using Packer, Terraform and Ansible (Part 1 of 3) 20 Dec 2018. With PowerCLI you can manage and monitor vSphere, vSAN, vRealize Operations Manager, vCloud Director, Site Recovery Manager, Horizon 7 and vCloud Air Enter a name in the Clone/Deploy wizard. vmdk) to the Microsoft Azure cloud. ova files. [Click on image for larger view. . Quoting from VMware documentation; Content libraries are container objects for VM templates, vApp templates, and other types of files. For our example, we're specifically concerned with the vSphere  Mar 10, 2019 Packer is a tool for automating the build of images. Getting eth0 back in a SLES for VMware clone . box file. git clone https://github. 0 U2a and Windows 2016. NOTE: This article was originally released shortly after the 1. vsphere-clone builder clones VMs from existing  vSphere. Packer and packer-windows to create an up-to-date Windows base image from an ISO file. vsphere v1. I knew it would break but it was interesting for the purposes of figuring out which syscalls had been implemented without looking at the source. 6; Script. Got it - so I assume you meant "dont handle a production lifecycle with [user] vagrant". Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been building up a box running ESXi 6 to host a bunch of virtual machines. It’s almost effortless to use vCenter Server to create customized clones of virtual machines. In the previous lesion we understood what a role is and in this lesion let’s create, clone and edit roles in vCenter Server. 27/01/2019 . By continuing to use Pastebin, you agree to our use of cookies as described in the Cookies Policy. First you need to install Packer on your workstation. VMware {code} hosts the PowerCLI documentation for PowerCLI 10. Note that this image conversion process has nothing to do with Packer and is a subject for a different tutorial on how to create your own AWS AMIs. Fortunately, HashiCorp Packer is a very useful tool in that regard. Generate a name using the custom application configured with vCenter Server. Specify number of cores per  Apr 23, 2018 With the 1. box for use with Vagrant Deploy VM in minutes with Vagrant to create test builds for infrastructure as code! Using Packer to Migrate XenServer Infrastructure to CloudStack 1. The directory can be on the vSphere client’s host computer or on another computer on the management network. Is there any way to have the provisioner convert the virtual machine to a template, or does anyone have a workflow that already does this? Goal Utilize Packer and Vagrant with VMware Workstation on Windows to build and destroy Windows virtual machines in minutes. VMware vSphere is the only virtualization platform that has fully integrated Linux guest customization — a handy wizard allows setting unique attributes of the guest such as name, static IP address, timezone, and DNS settings. Since then I have had discussions with multiple other Automation and DevOps The host on which the virtual machine runs is licensed with vSphere 5. io Got it - so I assume you meant "dont handle a production lifecycle with [user] vagrant". ini -vv. 概要. Posted on December 3, 2016. But I've noticed that after the clone it's set back to DHCP. 3 MB packer-builder-vsphere-iso. 0. Overview Build a base VM programmatically with Packer Package base VM as . Packer actually “forks/clones” an existing AMI identified by source_ami. 5 MB packer-builder-vsphere-clone. We have a problem with our vSphere 6. The memory that is configured for the virtual machine that you try to power on will lead to exceeding 192GB of consumed vRAM. VMware Player is not required. Boxstarter to easily install software from Chocolatey packages. Posted on March 01, 2016 Tech Team Tips & Tricks, Windows. We use cookies for various purposes including analytics. 0 and later. vmx and accompanying . At some point, the vSphere API may be used. Please keep in mind that the CL is part of vSphere 6 and requires the vSphere 6 Web Client. VMware DirectPath I/O was introduced in vSphere 4. In this post, we will take a look at getting started with Packer and VMware vSphere. 3. In fact, VMware allows user to make a copy of virtual machine as full clone or linked clone. It should work great for you and if not then let me know. Fortunately there is a third-party builder by JetBrains called vsphere-iso which does pretty much the same as vmware-iso but using vCenter API instead of SSH (they also have a vshpere-clone builder as a vmware-vmx alternative). Deploy a VM from a template with VMware PowerCLI. iso are  Dec 12, 2018 If, on the other hand, you create a single VM template that contains all the packages you need, you only need to clone that template whenever  Oct 30, 2017 To those ends, Packer has deep integrations with many different platforms. NOTE: Neither the vsphere_virtual_machine resource nor the vSphere provider supports importing of OVA or OVF files as this is a workflow that is fundamentally not the domain of Terraform. I'd like it to be uploaded or converted to a vsphere template so then I can Packer Arch is a bare bones Packer template and installation script that can be used to generate a Vagrant base box for Arch Linux. Mar 25, 2019 3. Over the weekend instead of accomplishing my entire TO-DO list, I kinda procrastinated and went totally off track. com/mitchellh/gox There are several caveats to using DirectPath I/O because certain features will be unavailable to the VM, such as vMotion, vSphere HA and vSphere FT. This is very powerful. Tagged with: packer, esxi, and virtualization. Things have changed in vSphere 6. Please note: This post assumes you are comfortable with Vagrant, Virtualisation and generic admin tasks on a server. Packer is a tool from Hashicorp, responsible for Vagrant, Terraform and Vault among others, that I have had a lot of experience on the vSphere and AWS side but hardly any on the KVM / OpenStack side until joining Nutanix. Enter Packer - the easy to use automated machine image builder tool. I am having trouble provisioning a VM in vSphere 6. com/vyos/vyos-build. git cd vyos-build . Also, because we will only deploy it once then there is no need to do it directly on the ESXi host every time. Packer is an opensource tool and developed by HashiCorp. Red Hat to remain independent. Using Packer to Build Images for the Acropolis Hypervisor Packer is a tool from Hashicorp , responsible for Vagrant , Terraform and Vault among others, that I have had a lot of experience on the vSphere and AWS side but hardly any on the KVM / OpenStack side until joining Nutanix. Download ESXI 6. I could clone a VM using a VM template and customize it with a valid . Here’s my CustomSettings. Default: 1. Star 1 Clone via HTTPS Clone with Git or checkout with SVN using the repository’s web address. 前回 packer を使って AWS 上に AMI を作成してみました 今回は VMware Builder という vSphere 上に VM を作成できる機能を試してみました Manage VMware management tools. exe 35 Packer currently uses SSH to communicate to the ESXi machine rather than the vSphere API. Learn more  Jun 21, 2018 Learn how to use Packer to build Google Cloud Platform virtual f you do not have your own Packer templates, please feel free to clone our  Feb 11, 2013 We have run into this issue a few times after migrating servers fromvSphere 4. VirtualBox to run virtual machines. VMware Workstation - Enter Serial Number From Linux CLI 1 minute read Well, this was a fun exercise. Or in this case, work against vsphere. When trying to hot clone a vm the processfails  Feb 26, 2017 Today I am presenting you the first example – deploying a single VM. The plugin also supports creating a virtual floppy drive to be made Creating a Hyper-V Template. In packer-windoze this is a simple local shell command ansible-playbook main. Vagrant to launch and configure a base image tailored to a specific scenario. OK, I Understand Now that the prerequisites are installed, we can install the vagrant-vsphere provider with the following command:vagrant plugin install vagrant-vsphere. If you were using Vagrant on your local computer, you would go to Vagrants website and download a . There was a couple gaps that existed coming out of that post… Cloning a virtual machine creates a duplicate of the virtual machine with the same configuration and installed software as the original. 5 that we were using untill some weeks ago. I will keep this article current Once you installed Terraform you can start creating your first project. JetBrains have made a VMware vSphere plugin for Packer that helps create a new VM or VM template from a given ISO file. There was a couple gaps that existed coming out of that post… I was wicked new to Packer and had much to learn The Packer post-provisioner was immature when it came to vSphere Template conversion, meaning, it couldn’t do it at the time Refresher on Packer What is Packer? Creating and Deploying an OVA or OVF File . 4 Building . Official vCenter API is used, no ESXi host modification is required Create your free GitHub account today to subscribe to this repository for new releases and build software alongside 36 million developers. If not, it downloads the ISO. Creating a Hyper-V template to quickly deploy new VMs can save time on spin up I'm using the vsphere post-provisioner to upload the vmx output from the vmware-iso builder to my vcenter. Quickly create and deploy VMs from templates using Packer or PowerCLI rather than doing so from scratch via installation media. Enter a parameter that can be passed to the custom application. This page documents the format so that you can create your own base boxes. Creating a Content Library within vSphere 6. Packer, etc) I see this as a very powerful automation tool where you get to  Jan 27, 2019 Creating an Ubuntu 18. If you have a lab and can play around with packer and creating automated builds, it is a great learning process. This was how I realized PID and mount namespaces were already implemented into clone and unshare! This document describes the steps necessary to migrate a VMWare virtual machine (. x version of the Terraform's vSphere provider you can Afterwards, convert it to a template and then you should clone that virtual  Apr 20, 2015 CloudStack Day – Austin 2015 Clone VMs to CloudStack templates without . Download files. VMware vSphere 4. Oct 30, 2018 While packer is an awesome tool for building templates, it hasn't got any builder for vSphere, instead its' vmware iso builder depend on either  Apr 4, 2019 Now for the two plugins for Packer that allow interacting with VMware environments. 0; vSphere 6. 1 Packer; 3. yml -i <host_type>/hosts. This way, after turning it on the first time, the fresh properties will be picked up. com:adamrushuk/Packer-Templates. So, today In the lab – How to create a custom ESXi 6. What I would like to be able to do is split that one manifest into two, where I run only the builder and another manifest where I run only the post-processor. The output_directory folder is checked to see if empty, or can be overwritten if packer build -force <JSONTemplate> was used. Just like Vagrant makes building a VM a source controlled artifact,  Nov 11, 2018 Terraform v0. 1 using a static ipv4 address. ovf and . I also used the vSphere Web Client as you will see in the screenshots. 5 ISO In this article, we will be walking through the building of Redhat Enterprise Linux 7/CentOS 7 VM using ISO on VMware vSphere environment. go get github. In this case I’ll be using the vSphere provider to provision a number of VMs. com/2017/06/26/migrate-vsphere-vms-amazon-aws Download and install vSphere PowerCli. While building out some VMs to execute Packer image builds for vSphere, I installed VMware Workstation via Ansible and forgot Lets use Ansible to make use of Packer and VMware! As I venture on to the path of Continuous Delivery, I have found Packer to be an awesome tool to build an immutable image. Quite a while back I did a post around leveraging HashiCorp’s Packer product to build vSphere Templates. Packer is very useful to build your base images on the cloud and on-premise. It works well, but the result is a virtual machine. You will need to run several commands. Open source adoption to expand. You’ve made a significant investment in your VMware infrastructure, but your digital transformation objectives likely still haven’t been met. Learn more about clone URLs packer-vsphere-template-error2 » vsphere_virtual_machine The vsphere_virtual_machine data source can be used to find the UUID of an existing virtual machine or template. As you know, previously, AutoDeploy and Image Builder played with PowerCLI only. Initially, I would run the Packer command directly within Jenkins. A virtual machine using DirectPath I/O directly interacts with the network device using its device drivers. VMware PowerCLI - installer Download and install an easy-to-use PowerShell interface to VMware products. md. Maybe we have a special usage scenario that is not so common, but what we do worked out with vSphere 5. x Essentials. Builders: jetbrains-infra/packer-builder-vsphere (vsphere-iso, vsphere-clone)  Jul 17, 2015 their download page and then clone my packer-templates github repo. To make this happen you need to first create a configuration file. You cannot use more than 192GB of pooled vRAM for hosts that are licensed with vSphere 5. I will be focusing on Debian/Ubuntu here for now so YMMV. I’m using the free Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) with my Automation Framework on top to create the VM that later gets converted to a template. 3 VMWare ovftool. vSphere administrators can use the templates in Latest Releases. Note that currently you must make these base boxes by In a post from last year I documented how to create a CentOS 7 VMware Gold Template for all the non-Linux admins out there. Having used CL since vSphere 6. Install. 5 using Terraform v0. https://theithollow. -. A question came up the other day on how versioning is handled when using the vSphere Content Library feature and specifically when you update an existing VM template that already exists in the Content Library (CL, which I will be using throughout the article). x to vSphere 5. x. 5 Building Automated Pipelines for Infrastructure Code with Terraform and Packer - Duration: 33 VMware vSphere Automation via Ansible packer – Part of Hashicorp’s suite of tools, packer allows you to take an install ISO, a json file, and a bunch of scripts and feed them into a virtualization engine – a builder in packer parlance – and get out a predicable built virtual machine image. Our free vSphere Hypervisor is built on the world’s smallest and most robust architecture: VMware vSphere ESXi, which Terraform vSphere Provider 1. 10; Terraform vSphere Provider v1. 63. When VMware Tools is installed, if you configure a virtual machine’s power controls to use the guest operating system, or soft, power options, one or more default scripts run on the guest whenever you change the power state of the virtual machine. I did this with vSphere 6. /configure  Oct 12, 2010 After cloning a Linux VM in vSphere, the network interface may be named eth1 instead of eth0. Learn to apply best practices and optimize your operations. Any day now). Fusion Pro converts the virtual machine from VMware runtime (. Below is the list of the blogs which helped me to gain knowledge on some new technologies in 2018. If vmid is setted, clone can take arbitrary value but required for intiating the clone. This VMware Packer builder is able to create VMware virtual machines from an ISO file the installation image or virtual hard drive (VHD or VHDX) file to clone. We’ll be using two CentOS 7 instances running OpenVPN to establish a client/server VPN connection to avoid opening any ports on the local vSphere side. vmx) format to OVF format. 0 - a Python package on PyPI - Libraries. There were questions at the time on me not leaving this in a fully cleaned state making it not 100% usable outside of my homelab environment. Contribute to jetbrains-infra/packer-builder-vsphere development by creating an account on GitHub. com/codyde/packer-vsphere-builds cd  Apr 12, 2019 Like Packer Terraform can be used to provision infrastructure I used the “ Cloning and customization example”from the vSphere provider  Mar 1, 2018 Lets use Ansible to make use of Packer and VMware! Yep, the failed task we ignored is being utilized to clone the virtual machine, make  Jan 23, 2016 This tutorial outlines how we create the GeoBlacklight workshop vm, so that Next, you will need to clone down the Packer template that was  packerlicious - a python wrapper for hashicorp packer templates. This check is ignored if -force is used, eg: packer build -force <JSONTemplate>. packer git:(master) make . The template works with the default VirtualBox provider as well as with VMware, Parallels and libvirt providers. HashiCorp owns very famous tools like Vagrant, Consul, and […] You can export a virtual machine from Fusion Pro to Open Virtualization Format (OVF). Packer would be a nice tool to use for this purpose as well! Aug 7, 2018 git clone git@github. MOTIVATION • It sounds good, but… how to take control over each application VM?! • Sometimes your team needs to use some tools that are not available in official package repository (or are too old), forcing to manual configuration packer と kickstart を連携して OS のインストールを自動化してみた; packer + Virtualbox で ISO から ovf ファイルを作成してみる; VirtualBox で kickstart サーバを構築してみた; vSphere 環境でサクっとコンソール画面のスクリーンショットを取得する方法 »Boxes As with every Vagrant provider, the Vagrant VMware providers have a custom box format. These images can be any git clone https://github. vSphere Content Library: distribute your content effortlessly. 2 VMWare open-vmdk; 3. I got introduced to Terraform a few months back when trying to solve a problem in the AWS cloud. Boot the lab machine from USB and install ESXi on the small drive as per instruction. In the first part of this tutorial we got as far as creating recipes with Ansible to automate installation and configuration of WebCenter Sites environments but with two problems: a lack of speed and a horrible hack to get around the problem of limited swap space in our VM. 04 LTS cloud image for cloning on VMware. linux 34. 11 on VMware software-defined data center (SDDC) technologies, along with a mutually hosted reference architecture that details integration of all core VMware SDDC components—VMware vSAN, NSX-T and vSphere—with Red Hat OpenShift. 3 MB. You can clone from GitHub my Git repository containing something I  Dec 5, 2014 This document provides introductory information on the VMware virtual platform's support for EFI (or UEFI) firmware inside a virtual machine. 0 GA release of the Terraform vSphere provider in December of 2017. 0 U2 environment concerning the permissions that are necessary to be able to clone a vm to a template and create a vm from a template. One thing I’ve been wanting to do for a while was control my VMWare ESXi based hosts with Vagrant, so that I could easily create and remove boxes while testing. Visit the PowerCLI page on VMware {code} and choose your release to learn about PowerCLI. ] Figure 1. Using Packer to create vSphere and It upsets me that Packer currently doesn't have a way to clone a template in vSphere and use Terraform AWS vSphere. This works with the linux_options. See CONTRIBUTING. Afterwards, convert it to a template and then you should clone that virtual machine and specify the properties. packer vsphere clone

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